Learning Chinese In English-Speaking Singapore

Chinese is one of the mother tongues that offered by Schools in Singapore. Many students encounter difficulties when studying languages. The reason to it is lack of practice and understanding. Not speaking Mandarin at home is one of the underlying factors to as why more students are weaker in Mother Tongue. Due to the fact that Singapore is a country filled with Diversity, most of us speak in English to communicate with the other races. The negligence towards our Mother Tongue is increasing day by day. Some parents tend to even communicate in English with their children at home not giving a chance for students to practice speaking in their second language. English is deemed as an important language in Singapore, however children in Singapore should also be aware of Chinese language as well, especially if they are born as a Chinese.

Chinese tuition Singapore

According to the census of 2011, approximately 74% of the Singaporean population constituted of Chinese, either partial or full, making them the largest ethnic group on the island country. Lacking the ability to communicate with such a large group can certainly be a handicap. Chinese is one of the categories in Mother Tongue for Singapore along with Tamil, Malay and English. It is one of the most difficult languages to master and the reason why teaching and learning Chinese has become a challenge in schools. The subject is compulsory and it is not possible to be excused from this language in Primary and Secondary school level. The only thing you can do to help your children to better excel in Chinese is availing the services of a Chinese tuition Singapore. The government too is making efforts to promote the language and has established the Singapore Center for Chinese Language (SCCL) to promote Chinese as the second most important language after English.